Since 1992 Riviera Brush Co. has been manufacturing the Original Orange-Crete brush. The brush was introduced initially to the Ready Mixed Concrete Producers who at the time were challenged sourcing a brush that would be effective against the  harsh cleaning agents used at that development stage of the industry. Orange-crete brushes are now used across various industries including transportation, oil and gas, janitorial, construction and hospitality. 



Industry Specific

In 1992 after years of Research and Development, Riviera Brush Co. developed and introduced the first Ready Mixed Concrete Industry specific brush. Ready Mixed Concrete Producers all over the world has come to rely on the Orange-Crete Brushes as the most effective and durable wash brush in the Industry. Orange-Crete brushes have a unique fiber design that combine a "twisted" length providing great agitation along with "exploded split fiber" which prevents the brush from scratching equipment surface and paint.

These two features combined allow Orange-Crete brushes to retain 33% more liquid in the brush resulting in less overall use of soap/cleaning agents; in addition reduces the time spent washing the trucks and cut labor cost. 





The Orange-Crete Brushes by Riviera Brush Co. became the most used brush in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry. It sterling reputation of having great agitation power yet with no harm to equipment  surface along with its ability to hold up to 33% more liquid opened up the opportunity in a number of industries. The decorative concrete market embraced the orange-crete brush as the applicator of choice for applying both acid and water based stains.

The combination of the fiber configuration and "exploded split fiber" makes the Orange-crete brush the preferred applicator for the decorative Concrete professional. Orange-Crete brushes does not leave loose fiber nor brush mark and distribute the stain evenly. 





 Riviera Brush Co. has for over thirty years manufactured and provided the original industry specific utility Orange-Crete brush to the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry.

Over time and after extensive Research and Development Riviera Brush Co. has successfully offered the Orange-Crete brush across a number of industries including Transportation, Janitorial, Aviation and Construction.  

The versatility of the Orange-Crete brush continue to create a demand among pre-cast companies, masonry contractors, concrete contractors, concrete pumping operators and decorative concrete professionals. Riviera Brush Co. has positioned itself as a leader in manufacturing made in the USA brushes and through its extensive distribution network offer the Orange-crete brush worldwide.




Using the Orange-Crete brush is an important part of our fleet maintenance program. We have been able to save on the use of cleaning agents and reduce time spent washing the trucks..our drivers are extremely happy...






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